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Hello Red Door Family,

It was our intention to have one last Christmas Show at our present location and as indicated at the picnic we planned on having auditions this August 29th.  However, after seeing what happened to a local production of The Addams Family it has become clear to us that the likelihood of actually having a full run of the show is slim.  The aforementioned show (which was superb) was closed down after its first night due to a Covid case in the cast/crew.  The entire cast wore masks at practice, face shields for the performance and had a MUCH bigger space to work in then we do and yet they still were taken down by the virus.  They were able to schedule a later performance but that is not an option for the Christmas show.  With a cast double the size, going into cold and flu season, our inability to be able to distance on stage or backstage, the impossibility to change costumes with face shields on, and the incredible speed at which the Delta Variant spreads it seems highly unlikely that we would complete the show without someone popping positive for Covid and causing the show to shut down. 

It is therefore with great regret that we have decided it would be unwise to produce the show at this year. We are very sorry to have had to make this decision but feel it is for the best at this time. 

We continue to search for a new space and have expanded the search to include renting available theaters to produce specific shows. 

God Bless,
Marilene Allen
Lynn Ann Parson


"The magic doesn't just happen, we make it happen!"



Due to COVID we are asking 

our family and friends to help

get us through this tough season! :)

$18,000  GOAL

Summer Camps

We have received many inquiries into whether we are having summer camp this year. For a multitude of reasons we will not be able to offer a summer program. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to look for a new home.


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