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Hello Red Door Theatre Family, Friends & Patrons,

This Virus thing is playing out like a bad Shakespearean play. The Red Door Theatre has weathered hurricanes, blizzards, floods, a Nor' Easter, and thousands of children's feet, but we've still kept to the old saying, "The Show Must Go On!" So, the show will go on if we have anything to say about the matter. The problem is that even if we do manage to reach that point of beating this thing and getting back to normal; we lack the funds to sustain the facility while closed. In spite of the fact our church and a few of our Red Door family members have made some generous contributions, we could certainly use some more help. If you find that you can help with a donation of any amount to the Red Door Theatre it would be greatly appreciated.

All's Well That Ends Well

We thank you for supporting us in this time of uncertainty. Stay Safe. 
We miss you all.

Lyle, Marilene, Megan & Jaime

Kit & Kaboodle is a 501c3 so donations are deductible.

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